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How to Decorate Your Condo Efficiently

Basic Tips on How to Decorate Your Condo Efficiently

Getting decorating ideas and inspiration is the fun part, especially now that we can easily draw inspiration from Pinterest or other decorating blogs. But after taking note of the styles you want, how do you make it happen? That’s when it can get pretty overwhelming.

The key to decorating your space is to break it down into steps and develop a system for working. If you plan on decorating your living space by yourself, here are some tips on how to give your room a quick and efficient makeover:

1. Do your measurements.

This lets you know how much space you’re working with. Taking measurements helps prepare you for the next step, which is ordering your materials. Measuring properly ensures that you don’t order too much paint or wallpaper, or get the wrong size of furniture. Mistakes like these can be costly on your part.

2. Order everything in one go.

Once you’ve chosen all your paint, furniture, fabrics or other working materials, order them all at once if possible. Some of these materials will take longer to arrive so you need to get a head start. It’s a big inconvenience if you start working on your decorating while having to wait for certain materials to arrive.

3. Call in your decorating team.

Identify the professionals you need, like a painter, electrician, or upholsterer. Do some research or get referrals ahead of time so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute. When you’re rushing, you may not end up with the best person for the job.

4. Start with the floors.

If you’re planning to sand or stain your floor, or even put down carpeting, always start with this first. This is so you minimize any damage to your walls.

5. Install cabinets before you start painting.

If you’re decorating your bathroom, kitchen or any space that requires cabinet installation, do this first before you start painting. Doing it in reverse can cause damage or scratches to the paint job.

6. Hang your light fixtures.

After painting your room, you can start hanging your chandeliers, sconces or other light fixtures. Install these first before your drapes or anything else so they don’t get in the way.

7. Arrange your furniture.

If you can, prepare a floor plan of where your furniture will go. In case your plan doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around.

8. Add the accessories.

After all the furniture is in place, add your artwork, figurines, lamps and other decorative items like books and pillows. These small items add touches of personality to a room, so be unique and have fun!

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